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The Product That Turns Your Ordinary Plant into Your Friend

Product Description

PlantPetZ is a unique and innovative product that turns your ordinary plant into your friend. It enhances the movements and reactions of a houseplant to provide both entertainment and companionship as well as help you take better care for it.


When potted in the PlantPetZ planter, your plant will react to sound, touch, motion, light and moisture. We were able to achieve this by integrating proprietary technology, multiple sensors, electronics and plant care devices together to create PlantPetZ. It is a smart planter for your favorite or new indoor plant. Once you pot the plant in it, the world of opportunities opens up. For example, when you touch the leaves, your plant will now react. When you enter the room it will acknowledge you. And when you approach it, it will “see” you and greet you. It can dance with you and make you laugh. It can even tell you if it’s thirsty and it’s time to water it, so you can enjoy a healthier and (hopefully) happier plant companion for a long time.

We have developed a “plant language” for the plants to verbally communicate with you. It is a mixture of soothing sounds and whimsical voices. So now your plant can greet you with its default friendly voice or you can take it a step further and welcome your guests with your  personalized message, such as “Hi, Welcome to Dr. Cooper’s Office.” Just imagine the possibilities of customizing your plant for Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s or any special occasion. How funny would it be if your Christmas tree danced with you?


PlantPetZ is in the Patent Pending stage. The product, PlantPetZ, is ready to use out of the box. It comes pre-programmed with a default character personality and activated features. An app is available to change and customize the character personality, record personalized messages and select or deselect features. It is best to use with the app, but not necessary.

Product Highlights and Description of Features

PlantPetZ with its integrated Patent-Pending technology makes it possible for you to interact and play with your plant as if it were a friend or a pet. It can also help you take better care of it, in case you don’t have a green thumb. Below are highlights and key features. (In order to fully take advantage of all of the features, it is required to pot a houseplant into the PlantPetZ planter and install the app.)

  1. Planter for a plant up to 4” (other sizes available soon)

  2. Plant reacts to touching of leaves (touch sensor circuit through probe in soil detects when the plant stem or leaves are touched)

  3. Integrated Bluetooth speaker for real-time music streaming

  4. Plant greets you when you enter a room

  5. Plant reacts when you talk to it (microphone detects sound, such as your voice or music)

  6. Plant gives you attention when you come near (proximity sensing)

  7. Plant dances when you play music

  8. Beat detection feature allows you to synchronize with multiple PlantPetZ

  9. Soil probe monitors moisture level in potting soil of the plant (with an alert feature so you know when it’s time to water the plant)

  10. Light sensor (CDS cell) detects motion and change in ambient light level determine optimum light level (with alert feature)

  11. Touch sensor embedded in the pot, plays back customized message when pot is ‘hugged’ or held for 3 seconds

  12. Various colors available

  13. Integrated Bluetooth module provides connectivity to smart phone and smart home devices

  14. Embedded character personalities with the option of adding or creating a unique character, via an app for customization of character personality and selection of features

  15. Comes pre-programmed with a default character personality and activated features

  16. App allows for character personality customization, message personalization and selecting/deselecting of features

PlantPetZ™ Demo Video

Our latest in-house demo video featuring our Director of Production and his helpers, shows both plant care and plant play features.

The Differentiating Feature

The key differentiating feature is not only the interaction that you can now have with the plant or its plant care features, but also its customization.  The customization has to do with 1) selecting character personalities, 2) recording and playing personalized messages, and 3) selecting and deselecting features.


You can select different character personalities, which become somewhat like an avatar for your plant. For example in a spa-like environment, your plant can have a very soothing Zen-like demeanor. However, for Halloween, it can be spooky and scary. The product comes with a set of character personalities that you can select via the app, such as relaxing, happy, flirty, scary, upbeat and bossy, to name a few.


You can also record your own personalized messages for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other special occasions. It can serve as your very own customizable, audio greeting card. Adding messages is as simple as adding an outgoing message on your smart phone. Record your massage, sync up your PlantPetZ and then play back the message by hugging the pot. For example, every time you hug the pot, you can hear a message from the people who sent you this present, such as “We love you Mom, we miss you and will see you soon.”


The customization is extensive, so you can select or deselect features as you desire. You can also enter your own plant voice to create your own personality. For example, if you don’t want the plant to dance when you listen to music, simply deselect the option. If you would like a silly greeting like Santa’s laugh for the Holidays, select it. You can always modify it, just like a ringtone on your phone or features on a typical app.

My Special Aflac Duck™

My Special Aflac Duck™ is an interactive companion that supports children with cancer through the average 1,000 days of treatment.

Hello Tomorrow Inc. is very proud to have been a key partner in the development of this impactful therapeutic product.

  • 2018 CES Best of Innovation in the Tech for a Better World category

  • 2018 The ShowStoppers Best of Robotics

  • 2018 Engadget’s Most Unexpected Product

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